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RDS : Process server, Mobile Notary Public and Private Investigator Services.

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RDS - Process Server, Private Investigator, Notary

  • Process Service
  • Mobile Notary
  • Supervised Visitation
  • Civil Standby
  • Witness Locate/Skip Trace
  • Background Investigations
  • Bug/recorder detection
  • Document Retrieval & Recovery

Process Service

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We are certified by the Texas Supreme Court Judicial Branch to serve process in the entire state of Texas. This would be anything from a citation, Restraining order, summons, subpoena or any kind of affidavits. Unlike most process servers, we don't stop at one try. We will do everything in our power to locate the person who needs to be served. Along with this, we do not charge for additional documents. You could send a box full and it would still be the same charge.

Mobile Notary Public

We offer 24/7 mobile notary through out the county, this service is offered to anyone. This is handy when you need a notarized form if your car was towed in the middle of the night and you need it that night. Maybe you're closing on a house and want your own personal touch there in the house. Or you have an affidavit that you need signed and completed.

Supervised Visitation


Now offered under a new company of Fort Ringo

Supervised Visitation is often required by a court order or an agreement made during mediation or other agreement.

Bare in mind, we do not offer therapeutic Supervision, which involves a Therapist conducting behavior modifications.

We allow people to be themselves and remain completely neutral, all the while maintaining close contact to monitor conversations and a safe environment. Det. Ringo is highly trained, professional and discreet to allow the best chance for the visit to occur as close to natural as possible. A detailed report is typically supplied to both parties within 48 hours after each visit. Hours and locations can be per-arranged and there is no set limit.

In the instance that supervised visitation is requested from Ringo's Detective Service or Ken Ringo, no other service offered may be used in conjunction with that case except for Notary services.

Civil Standby

After a divorce, or even in between, when people split, you need to retrieve your possessions to not only move forward with your life, but you simply survive. In these situations, you may not feel safe returning to that environment. Or during a custody exchange, you have had issues with the other side causing a fight, you want to be prepared for your safety.

Ringo's Detective Service has the training and the skills to handle these situations to keep all parties safe. In a situation where the court has split assets and you have to retrieve them, RDS can work with the attorneys involved to make sure everyone gets the items awarded to them. While maintaining the professional presence to keep everyone safe and under control. .

Refer to the "About us" page for our training.

Witness Locate/Skip Trace

Locating witnesses is a crucial of any investigation or any we have the knowledge and the skill to track down witnesses for any kind of case.

This service is also helpful in locating lost relatives.

Skip trace is a term typically reserved for locating people for service of part of service of process, which we often do when the address is incorrect. it is also a term used for locating people who skip out on bail.

Background Investigations

Are you planning on hiring a new employee but have a feeling that they may not be completely honest with you? Do you feel that your partner may not be the person you thought you know? Or do you just feel a relationship needs an application process? We can help with that. we can give you a complete and detailed reports for your Employee background check which goes above and beyond some legal requirements for certain jobs. We believe a person should be well informed on who they are doing business with well before hand. Sometimes searching people on the internet is just not enough when people attempt to hide themselves with fake names, wrong Social Security numbers, not to mention the waves of identity thefts that happen these days.

Bug/Recorder Detection

Do you feel that people have to much information about you? Photos appearing online, or being passed around? Do people know intimate details and you have no idea why? We commerical an residential sweeps and searches for all kinds of devices. We have highly advanced equipment to search for all types of devices both visual and audio. Privacy is very hard to come by with the size of devices, personal drones and low cost for devices You can never be to safe.

Document Retrieval & Recovery

In Dallas working on a case? Maybe in a whole other state, but you need documents located in the Brazos Valley? or even in a further away county?

We can retrieve these documents and scan them in to send them to you, overnight them or fax them. In most cases, this is a same day process as we have mobile scanners to assist in these processes.


Law Offices of Burns-Reyes Burns; - I have used Ringo's Detective Service on multiple occasions and they do a phenomenal job. On one occasion, we had a Respondent who we were unable to locate show up at our client's house out of the blue. We immediately called Ken and asked if he could go over there and serve a citation on him, because if we didn't, we would have great difficultly in finding him. He had him served within 20 minutes of our call.
Law Offices of Burns-Reyes Burns, -

On another occasion, I had prepared my client to serve someone by publication because opposing party had gone missing for over 3 years. She was intentionally living under the radar. Not only did he locate her, but had her served within 24 hours. I am incredibly impressed with Ringo's Detective Service!"

Daylen Rivers;
I strongly advise anyone to go with this detective service. Very professional and diligent, great to work with and personable.

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