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Ringo's Detective Service is family owned and operated right here in the Brazos Valley. We serve the entire state of Texas, Particularly Bryan / College Station TX , Caldwell / Somerville TX, Hearne, Navasota and several other cities within, Robertson, Grimes, Burleson and will go to every other county in Texas. Ken Ringo and Jazmine Ringo started Ringo's Detective Service in May 2016. Ken, has several years in Law Enforcement and investigations in the private sector.

Jazmine also spent time in the private investigation field.

The level of commitment to help their clients is unmatched. Ken has proven time and time again that he can go the distance in conducting investigations to locating people that other investigators or process servers had given up on. As the mobile Notary and analyst, she has gone far beyond what other could accomplish locating records and documents on several cases.

Ringo's Detective Service is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau License Number # A01061101

Detective/Manager Ken Ringo

Ken Ringo Is licensed as a Private Investigator by the Texas department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. He is the Manager and part owner of RDS

Ken Ringo started out as a Police Officer in 2009, he started out in smaller agencies where he had to conduct his own investigations. During this time he has watched as some of his supervisors would abuse their power and not set a good example. After spending all this time in Law Enforcement, Ken decided that he could make more of a difference help those people that the law has given up on, and now need help more than ever. He has also served the community as a Volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Responder(ECA)

Ken Ringo has strived for a vast knowledge base with training institutes that includes TEEX, Texas A&M, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Department of Health.

These are only a few of Ken Ringo's current certifications; From TCOLE (Texas Commission On Law Enforcement)
-Basic Peace Officer - Mental Health Peace Officer - Standard Field Sobriety - Active Shooter - Terrorism Awareness - Crisis Intervention - Special Investigative Topics - Human trafficking - Child Abuse - Ethics for Law Enforcement- Sex Offender characteristics - Cultural Diversity - Texas Specific/Shoot; don't shoot - current Legislative update.

From the FBI - Active Shooter Response

From the Department of Homeland Security - Enhanced Risk and Threat Assessment - Bombs and Explosives,

FEMA - NIMS 100, 200, 700, 800

Texas Department of Health - Emergency Care Attendant

Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Investigator .

Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC)-Certified Process Server

Owner/Inspector Jazmine Ringo

Inspector Jazzy is a Northern woman from Alaska who moved south with her parents when she was younger. As many say (I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could) She still love Alaska though. She has natural skill with computers, social media, & cameras that is unseen. She's an excellent surveillance operative while on the move. She is the best in the Brazos Valley at gathering information and finding details on the internet that others have missed.

She's located numerous people for Ringo's Detective Service that didn't want to be found or in the words of someone she found, (Come & find me) and she did. She has the patience to get the job done. But the quickness not to waste your time and/or money.

She has training from Texas A&M in Early child hood development, Certified Texas Notary Public, Certified Texas Process Server, Private Detective, Fire training from TEEX, C.E.R.T. Training, Introduction to Radio Communications, & Effective Communication and Interviewing. Knowledge is key in this line of work.

Find more about Inspector Jazzy at


We here at Ringo's Detective Service are always striving for more training.


Law Offices of Burns-Reyes Burns; - I have used Ringo's Detective Service on multiple occasions and they do a phenomenal job. On one occasion, we had a Respondent who we were unable to locate show up at our client's house out of the blue. We immediately called Ken and asked if he could go over there and serve a citation on him, because if we didn't, we would have great difficultly in finding him. He had him served within 20 minutes of our call.
Law Offices of Burns-Reyes Burns, -

On another occasion, I had prepared my client to serve someone by publication because opposing party had gone missing for over 3 years. She was intentionally living under the radar. Not only did he locate her, but had her served within 24 hours. I am incredibly impressed with Ringo's Detective Service!"

Daylen Rivers;
I strongly advise anyone to go with this detective service. Very professional and diligent, great to work with and personable.

Veronica Jones;
- This company is absolutely amazing and a complete life saver! He has helped me and my family have a fighting chance in getting my son back home with me! I can not thank them enough for everything they have done. They are extremely fast, efficient and highly accurate with their information. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! I don't think there is anything they can't do.

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